Management Coordinator

The management coordinator position is one that wears a lot of hats and interacts with all team members. The ideal candidate communicates effectively and pays extreme attention to detail. Please send resumes to

Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

Office Administration/ Management Assistance:

  • Oversee manager assigned projects such as album-release timelines, event planning, philanthropic initiatives etc.

  • Execute tour marketing efforts (press outreach, radio interview coordination etc.)

  • Maintain artist guest lists and meet and greet lists

  • Organize fan mail

  • Assist with keeping client schedules organized

  • Aid in business development – going to shows, checking out new music, building brand awareness for the Collective.

  • Oversee our intern program – includes hiring and training

  • Overall office management – receive guests, answer phones, run errands, keep the office running.

Digital Coordination (Under the guidance of the Digital Marketing Director):

  • Plan and post social media content for each of our artists and the Collective Artist Management accounts

  • Create digital assets– experience with Photoshop and/or video editing software is ideal

  • Creating and distributing artist e-mail newsletters – (MailChimp/ Emma) o Plan, target, and run Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Assist with DSP related initiatives (Pandora AMP)

  • Keep up with social and streaming analytics

  • Maintaining artist websites and tour date listings (Squarespace, Wordpress, Songkick)

Fall 2019 Internships

Collective Artist Management takes the foundation of relationship-based management and combines it with a digital marketing savvy team that knows how to cut through the clatter of communication to get to an artist's fans. Our core management principles are built on the belief that the relationship between an artist and their audience is the most powerful control point in the digital economy and our unparalleled resources in this area are a testament to our commitment to support our clients' ability to operate their businesses in the most cutting-edge and independent manner possible.

Interns will learn and acquire new skill sets that are considered essential to artist management by participating in projects and tasks including, but not limited to: 

  • Digital Media Marketing

  • Industry-Related Research

  • Album Release/Marketing Initiatives

  • Assisting Managers with Various Tasks

  • Executing Promotional Strategies

  • Graphic design

  • Video Editing

  • Tour Marketing

  • Office Administration

  • Maintaining Websites

An ideal candidate:

  • Is a self starter

  • Has general knowledge of the music industry and its working parts 

  • Has a great attitude and is willing to learn 

  • Has reliable transportation 

  • Excels at communication 

  • Has experience with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. 

  • Knowledge of Photoshop and digital video editing software is preferable 

    If you are interested in an artist management internship, please send a copy of your resume to